In Memoriam 

Our dedicated collegue, Dr. Barry L. Samson, died July 2,2015 after a 13 year battle with multiple myeloma. Dr. Samson was an excellent orthopedic spine surgeon. After being diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Samson provided non-surgical care for patients for many years. He was widely recognized by his colleagues and patients for his outstanding knowledge, compassion, wit and character. Dr. Samson graduated from Washington University Medical School in 1974. He completed his fellowship training in spine surgery at the University Hospital of Cleveland in 1979.  He practiced orthopedics in the St. Louis Metropolitan area until 2014. He was tremendous supporter of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation locally and nationally. Dr. Samson was a respected physician, colleague, and friend to many. He will be greatly missed in our office by both his patients and our staff. 


Patients in the care of Dr. Samson will be resumed by Dr. David B. Robson and Jayne L. Aschen PA-C.